By Ryan Barba, Staff Writer

Keira is one of five black cats in Ryans’ family. Photo by Ryan Barba.

If black cats are bad luck, then my family and I are going to be doomed forever.

Cats supposedly have nine lives, and five out of our seven cats happen to be black-furred. Our lives are forced to revolve around them, as each day we house them, feed them, and clean up their messes from fur balls to litter boxes. When they want attention they’ll let us know, bothering us watching TV, doing homework, getting dressed, and even when sleeping.

In a lot of ways, they are more nagging and demanding than a child. The meows, swipes and nudges are consistent throughout each day and more than enough to upset even the most tolerant of people.

Some might assume that our daily routines are inconvenienced by the high levels of “negative energy” from our five black cats. The thing is, I don’t view it that way, nor does my family. All of our cats are part of the family, and we advocate to eliminate the ridiculous superstitions targeted at black felines.

The first thing that anyone needs to know about a black cat is that the only difference between a black cat and any other cat is their fur color. They’re not spooky, creepy monsters but normal like all cats.

Our black cats love to eat cat food, such as Fancy Feast and Friskies — no human souls or evil concoctions. They only drink water — no potions, blood or witches’ brew. They sleep nowhere near a pentagram, just in a bed of their own or together in one of ours.

Our five black cats are comforting and never give us nightmares. They are loved and are an integral part of our family just as much as the other two.

We watch TV together, play together, and share genuine conversations. They are great listeners and can sense when things are wrong. Black cats have emotions, sharing similar frustrations and compassion as humans do.

All seven of our cats are each different in personality with their own unique likes and differences. They are never too much to take care of, just a pain when they get hungry and demanding. Our cats give me and my family something to look forward to coming home to each day.

Over the past nine years, these precious felines have given me and my family many fond memories that will be cherished forever. Including when they bring us back dead hummingbirds they killed as gifts.

Any cat is a wonderful addition to a family, and black ones truly enter people’s lives by destined occurrences, not imaginary fates.