By Nebai Esaias, Staff Writer

December 8, 2022

Laney Women’s Head Track and Field Coach and Men’s Football Quarterbacks coach Robert Crowley strives to instill positivity in the athletes he works with. His enthusiasm for coaching stems from the close connection he has with his own family. Born and raised in the Bay Area, Crowley is extremely thankful for the impact that both his parents and brother had on him.

Source: Laney Athletics

In an interview with The Citizen, Crowley described his mom as his “moral compass” growing up, and said that she has always been someone he could depend on. While his mother may have been his moral compass, Crowley said the biggest influence in his life was his brother. Crowley wanted to do everything just like his brother – whether it was by striving to achieve academically or by playing the same sports.

After graduating from high school Crowley attended San Diego State University, initially focusing solely on his academic success. Quickly though, he realized that sports were too big a part of his life to give up.

Crowley’s initial intentions were to enter the sports management field and become a sports agent, but he later decided that coaching others and serving as a positive presence for people was his true calling.

“The reason I wanted to coach was because it is a great way to give back and serve the people, it is a great way to influence people,” Crowley said.

After transferring to the College of Marin for a year, and then transferring again and graduating from St. Mary’s College, Robert found work at Laney College coaching football, teaching classes, and working the front desk of the athletic department.

Crowley enjoyed being involved throughout Laney, but continued to strive for more, always keeping his eyes on the Laney Women’s Track and Field Head Coaching position. Robert viewed this job as an opportunity for him to help provide students with stability and be a reliable presence for the team.

Crowley was initially turned down for the job due to his young age, but opportunity eventually presented itself again, and this time the job was his.

As a coach, Crowley preaches values such as positivity, energy, love, and giving, and tries to display these qualities himself at all times. “I want to lead with a positive attitude and a positive mindset,” Crowley said, “people gravitate towards it, people build off of it, it brings people together.”

Crowley appreciates coaching because it allows him an opportunity to give back to a college that has poured its resources into him, and said he could, without a doubt, see himself being involved with Laney for the rest of his life.