Peralta police advise caution when traveling area

Written by Laney Tower EIC — Michelle Snider

Estimated location of assault in Estuary Park on Thursday morning, according to Peralta Police Sergeant Thomas Boyd

OAKLAND, CA — A female Laney College student reported being raped on Thursday, Nov. 7 at Estuary Park, according to an email from Peralta Police Thursday evening. Estuary Park is off the Laney campus between the water and the baseball field.

According to Peralta Police Sergeant Thomas Boyd, the student was alone eating lunch just before 11:00 a.m when she reported being approached by an unknown man she described as a 6’ 01” adult black male approximately 18–19 years old. Boyd said the suspect was wearing a dark hoodie, gray sweatpants, black sandals and had an “athletic build with short unkempt hair.”

The suspect intimidated the student into moving with him into a tunnel in which Boyd said she reported the suspect then raped her. The tunnel location separates Estuary Park near the Laney College sports fields and the Peralta Community College District offices under E. 8th Street.

After the assault, she immediately called 911 to report the attack and was transported to the hospital for treatment. The suspect is still at large, according to Boyd.

Both Peralta Police Services and the Oakland Police Department (OPD) immediately responded, according to Sergeant Boyd, and determined the assault occurred in OPD’s jurisdiction. Boyd said OPD is now assuming the role of the primary investigative agency.

The Alameda County Sheriff’s Office (ACSO) email said it is collaborating with the Oakland Police Department to identify and apprehend the suspect.

An email sent to Laney students and Laney/Peralta employees Thursday asked them to be vigilant and recommended the use of a buddy system when walking to cars or remote areas on campus.

If an escort is needed, Peralta police are available to provide services in the campus area.

Anyone with information about this incident can contact the main Peralta Police Services line at (510) 465–3514.

For more information about campus safety, please visit the Peralta Police Service website at and download the latest Personal Safety Handbook, which includes even more safety tips, here.

Estuary Park near bridge that crosses towards Laney College from the baseball field has areas covered in bushes and trees. Peralta Police recommend using a buddy system when walking the area. Photo by Michelle Snider.