Special multimedia edition: Playing with time

“Lock-down Diaries” is a series featuring different members of The Citizen newsroom as they go about their day while under the shelter-in-place directive.

Shelter-in-place began Monday, March 16, 2020. The last day I worked in a regular setting was Friday, March 13, prior to which it had been four days since I had been on Laney campus, or in a classroom. I filmed this on my iPhone SE on April 23, the fifth week of the shelter-in-place order. Thursday is the one day of the week where I do not work from home, or attend a virtual classroom. It is my most full day of the week, with a lot of attention paid to my dog. I am still paid every two weeks, and I align my Trader Joe’s visits to my payday, which occurred during this filming. The audio for this video was produced by Deadly Burger Cat, my nine-year-old stepson.

-James Millett, Managing Editor