Two part course starts Saturday, March 27th

Merritt horticulture professor Matthew Witemyre tending to some green friends in Florida. (Photo courtesy of Matthew Witemyre)

March 25th, 2021

By Derek Sylvester, Copy Editor

For those interested in broadening their cannabis horizons, Merritt College’s Landscape Horticulture Department is offering a 12 hour online community-based course over two days conducted by horticulturist Instructor, Matthew Witemyre.

The Spring 2021 Cannabis Class is titled “Cultivating Cannabis for the Home Gardener” and will focus on integrating cannabis into your backyard garden, best practices for environmentally sustainable cultivation, as well as instructions for making your own basic topical and edible extractions. 

Witemyre possesses 15 years of experience working in the cannabis industry and has worked with groups including The Marijuana Policy Project and the UFCW Local 5 to organize cannabis workers along with other cannabis advocacy groups. Through this course Witemyre hopes to “increase resilience and self sufficiency in the community to be able to produce your own, frankly, really valuable agricultural commodity in your own backyard.” 

The class will feature industry leading guest speakers such as Johanna Silver (author of Growing Weed in the Garden), Dr. Kay Watt (botanical geneticist at Dark Heart Nursery) and Dr. Amanda Reiman (Vice President of Community Relations at Flow Kana,). 

Students interested in attending the Spring 2021 Cannabis Class can sign up for $120 dollars on, and look forward to class starting Saturday March 27th and reconvening Saturday April 3rd.