Students must apply by March 1 at Midnight

February 26, 2022

By Travis Chapman, Staff Writer

The Peralta Colleges Foundation grants and scholarships are due March 1, and foundation officials encourage students at Peralta to apply.

The Foundation’s online smart application system, available on the Peralta Foundation’s website,  is where students can apply. The smart application is an online application system that matches the student to any available active grants or scholarships that the student qualifies for and immediately signs them up for any available grant or scholarship. Students will need to submit their unverified transcripts through the system, as well as their letter of recommendation. 

There is a seperate and more specific application for a few of the other scholarships, including the Laney Metal Cutters Scholarship, the Bernard Osher Scholarship, and the Laney Faculty Senate scholarship. 

The money from most of the scholarships and grants can be used universally, according to Mashariki White, the foundation’s Development Manager, who added that the funding is intended to help students at the Peralta Community College District to cover any costs that may arise from time to time.  

“[The scholarships and grants] let [students] pay for their tuition, books, fees…most of our scholarships don’t have a specific need for the money – rent, food, whatever they need to survive, and thrive,” White said.  

Students who win scholarships will be notified and receive disbursement in May.

White said there are between 80 and 100 scholarships and grants available. If students have questions about scholarship applications, they can contact White at

Visit the Peralta Foundation website to apply at