March 6, 2021

By Farhad Golriz, Staff Writer

The University of California Berkeley currently has some employment opportunities for select positions, even during the pandemic.

On March 3, Talent Acquisition Advisor Alex Reyes gave a presentation via Zoom where he discussed the different aspects of talent acquisition in the People & Culture (Human Resources) department at UC Berkeley and its benefit to students as well as current and prospective staff. According to Reyes, there are Currently about 9,000 staff members at the university.

The Talent Acquisition office will assist potential staff to understand the whole hiring process. Recruiters provide hiring support in distinct areas across the campus such as academics, finance, dining, housing, athletics and others.

Reyes spoke about the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on UC Berkeley, stating, “The coronavirus has greatly impacted UC Berkeley. We’re in a budget crisis. We’ve often signed on non-essential positions, including myself, to work remotely. There are some limited functions on campus.”

Phased entry is being taken into consideration but returning to in-person work is still uncertain. The school is currently in a general freeze on hiring but there are few exceptions. 

“[It’s] basically an exception process where departments, if they have a position that’s critical, can submit it for review.”

Applicants for UC Berkeley staff positions must follow these steps. The first step is to proceed to the university’s TAM Applicant Tracking System (a feature of PeopleSoft) and register a new account. After that, you will be able to view listings and apply. 

Be sure to include a resume and cover letter when you apply. Always double check your application and contact information to ensure it is correct and up to date. Having a friend or classmate look over your paperwork is always helpful as well.

To find all open job listings visit An important note is that most jobs will have a review date (a date after which you will be contacted if selected).

The current five available positions include: senior security rover for the library, communications specialist, lab technician, accounts receivable analyst and research data analyst at Haas School of Business.

“We want an environment of equity for students, faculty and staff. We want people to feel safe, welcome, included. That’s just part of our mission,” Reyes said, closing out the presentation.