Image by (Leticia Luna/The Citizen)

April 26, 2021

By Biri Ramos, Staff Writer

Have the last weeks left you feeling a bit off? Have your energy and emotions left you feeling a little overwhelmed? If you have it’s because you’ve been feeling the change of the age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius. Stick around and I’ll fill you in on all the changes that are to come and how to better navigate this new age of Aquarius.

In astrology, every age is approximately 2,150 years long. Christiana Lopes, a spiritual teacher, and experienced clinician explained that each age is about 116 generations long. The age of Pisces was before the age of Aquarius and this new age will be about 116 generations long. It’s important to understand what each age holds. 

For starters, Pisces and Aquarius hold different energies. Pisces is known as 3D consciousness and Aquarius is 5D consciousness. 3D is the consciousness of separation. It’s a time when we were very attached to the material world and we were very focused on materialist stuff, and 3D was very low energy. Conversely, 5D consciousness is completely different; it’s all about unity and this energy is really high. Feelings that might accompany the 3D include loneliness, isolation, and separation from the world.  The 5D is about being more interconnected to this world, the way you view, feel, and think is more about unity than feeling alone and separate. A more simple way of seeing this is 3D is about the mind and 5D is more about the heart.

It’s important to understand the energy differences because it plays a huge role in how you are feeling right now. In February we felt a monumental shift from Pisces to Aquarius and that was because of the stellium. defines  stellium as “when three or more planets are clustered in a single zodiac sign or in someone’s chart.” In other words, it’s when three planets align at the same time, and when certain planets align it can affect certain zodiac signs. For example,  babies who were born in the summer of 2020 were born to an alignment of Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto — this would be for the Capricorn’s — will feel a huge shift in energy. In February the age of Aquarius’ stellium was extremely powerful because of this alignment. 

The change of 3D to 5D will be really hectic for some people. Lopes explained this best as a plug. , iImagine you are a plug and you plug yourself into a wall outlet. This outlet is low energy, and regardless of the low energy you still get energy. Now picture yourself plugging into a wall outlet then immediately plunging yourself into a power plant, energy is really high. It would take you some time to adapt to that energy change, right? Well, that’s exactly what’s going on here when we went from 3D to 5D. In February we went from an outlet on the wall to a power plant, I want you to reflect on how you were feeling in February, did you feel overwhelmed, emotional, feel almost like something was missing, or maybe something was going to happen soon but you couldn’t figure out if it was something bad or good so it left you feeling lost and confused? It’s important to acknowledge if you felt the change in Pisces to Aquarius because we are the ushering generation.

This means we are the generation that was alive when the shift of energy happened; we weren’t born into it like the newborns of 2021. This is an extremely difficult time for us because we are being asked to unplug from the wall outlet and plug into the power plant. We have lived all of our lives so far in the age of Pisces, and so our minds and energy are used to that 3D consciousness. We’re asking our mind, soul, and body to house whole new energy that is a lot more powerful. But in order for us to house this new energy, we have to make sure that we are being kind to ourselves during this shift. We have to understand that in order for us to make this transition happen we have to have a lot of patience for ourselves because we are asking our mind, body, and soul to change its old ways, so be sure to love yourself regardless of the mistakes you make. Be resilient through this transition. 

Aquarius is an air sign. explains that air signs are the thinkers, communicators, and doers of zodiac signs. That means that during this age we are going to see a lot of forward momentum, which is positive,  which is positive because with it will come higher vibrations and acceleration. The gain in momentum is completely different than what we experienced during the Age of Pisces, which was more about building concentrated power.  Now, we are headed for a society that is much more focused on unity. The accelerant part of this energy is the manifestation.  You might want to be more careful of what you say than usual. Since we are in a new age with a lot more energy, it’s likely that what you’re saying will manifest fast so be careful what comes to mind and out of your mouth.

To Be Continued..