April 30th, 2021

By Biri Ramos, Staff Writer

I mentioned before how Aquarius is an air sign and how this sign is known for being a thinker and doer. This is going to play a huge part for us because we are going to see a lot of innovations during this new age. We will be moving from rationally thinking to more feeling / intuitive thinking. People may have a harder time making this change because our feelings are hard to express and it’s not always easy to open up and share that with others. But this way of expressing ourselves will help us find a way to gravitate towards finding solutions. Now, this right here is going to be a struggle for a lot of people who have a hard time finding solutions and for those who have a hard time seeing things from a positive perspective. This will play a huge part because remember earlier this sign is about the mind and if you are more problem-focused you are going to make your life and transition a lot more difficult. You have to get out of your mind and start moving your mind into a more problem-solving mentality. 

In this new age, a lot of people are going to be waking up and realizing that they are their own answer to their lifestyle. I know this may sound odd but like I mentioned before our mind is a key factor in this. We will come to this sort of enlightenment that if our minds begin to see more solutions than problems we will understand that we hold power to our life and its destiny. This will go hand in hand with what I explained earlier, we will be united. So now instead of power being so concentrated it will be spread out because we hold the power of our life and our mindsets will be more about working together rather than seeing ourselves alone and a part of the world and we control the changes of our lives. This will lead you to understand and connect with your own internal compass. 

Your Internal Compass is very important during this new change in energy. The new age of Aquarius is all about the heart, and that’s where your internal compass is. Like I mentioned before, we are exiting from the energy that we use our minds to navigate our life and moving into new energy where you will be faced with having to use your heart and your intuition to really help navigate your life decisions without having relied on the others around us. We are going to be really focused on being led by our intuition to really help us, before the new age of Aquarius whatever it was we wanted didn’t matter if it was a dream or a goal we could always rely on putting our mind to it and working towards that goal.

Now this doesn’t mean that moving forward we shouldn’t think about what we want in life or to help us make a decision it’s important to know that our mind is something that is helpful to us and will help us make our life happen but it’s important that you first acknowledge your feelings and follow your intuition and then you follow with your mind. So remember with this new energy it’s important that in order for us to make this smooth transition we must listen to our heart and follow, understand and make sense of what we’re feeling and then make the changes needed without minds following our feelings. Our heart is our internal compass and our minds are our support system to really help us follow through with our feelings and tell us to react. 

This new energy may leave you feeling really overwhelmed and maybe even stressed and confused but here are a few tips to really help you navigate this new age, 1. listen to your feelings/ intuition. It’s ok to stop and think “well, what do I feel right now, what does my gut tell me is best to do”. In this new age of Aquarius, I said earlier that this time is a lot about unity, so it will be helpful for you to really start shifting your mind towards what’s best for all of us. Remember that this new energy is all about the air sign and our heart is an air sign and our hearts wants to give love and to be supportive towards one another, so to help you during this shift let’s start opening our feeling about everyone let us start to think that we hold our own power inside our hearts we don’t need to be selfish we need to be considerate of those around us too and once you really shift your mind and heart into feeling and thinking this way you will really feel a change in your emotions. Plus you will start to allow yourself to really be more about the heart you will create a comfortable safe space in this world for yourself and those around you.

The second thing is to make sure you are careful with your feelings versus emotions. Your feelings are your heart telling you or urging you to do something but a feeling is different is a chemical reaction inside of your body. For example, if you are walking through a haunted house during Halloween then you might start having fear turning a corner, so here is a perfect example you’re feeling fear due to external things around you but your intuition telling you to do something and you have no way of expressing why you feel it it’s your feelings, your internal body telling you to do something. Maybe you feel the need to do something for someone and people might ask you why are you going above and beyond for someone and you have no idea why you’re feeling this way but you do it anyway that’s your heart, your true feelings it’s an energy that’s happening inside of you.

Thirdly, it’s important for you to start being more optimistic and have positive thoughts, and be a problem solver. Like I mentioned earlier, everything we are thinking and feeling will be manifested so if you start to create problems and think negatively you will have a very hard time shifting into this new energy. Hopefully, now that you know more about the new age of Aquarius, it will help you navigate this new chapter in your life.