February 13, 2021

By Misha Berman, Staff Writer

Valentine’s Day this year will be different than any other Valentine’s Day because of the COVID-19 pandemic and social distancing. According to the Alameda County Government page, people are only allowed to eat at a restaurant if it is outside. Many people will be stuck at home wondering what to do. In past years couples celebrated by going out to dinner, going out to a movie or dancing. 

There is a famous saying, “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” This perfectly embodies these times because we have to make do with what we can. Fortunately, there are many things we can do as alternatives.

Taking a walk is always a nice way to get fresh air and see what’s around, and it’s free. It can be done alone or with one or more people. Yelp has an article called “Best Scenic Places To Walk In Oakland, CA” for some ideas of where to walk. Don’t forget to social distance and wear a mask.

Another fun thing to do, especially if it’s too cold or you really don’t feel comfortable eating outside, is to cook your own meal. There are so many easy and cheap recipes online to choose from. Google is your best friend. Just type in “cheap Valentine’s day meals” and a bunch of suggestions will pop up. Valentine’s Day is also a great time to make some delicious chocolate desserts such as red velvet cake and chocolate covered strawberries.

You can also Zoom your significant other or your family and friends who are not in your household. I personally love watching movies and Valentine’s Day this year is a perfect time to watch a movie on your computer, phone or tablet.

Just because this Valentine’s Day is not a typical Valentine’s Day, does not mean that it can’t be enjoyable, it will just be different. On a positive note, cooking, watching a movie at home or taking a walk is a lot cheaper than going to a fancy restaurant.