March 23rd, 2021

By Derek Sylvester, Copy Editor

The Citizen newsroom took home multiple honors at the annual Journalism Association of Community College state conference this past Sat. March 20th.

Among their many recognitions, the staff took home two meritorious awards in the Enterprise News Story/Series category, two honorable mentions for Profile Feature Story and placed fourth in the Video Journalism category.

Editor-in-Chief of The Citizen, Ryan Barba, and Managing Editor Luke Wrin Piper, received an honorable mention in the Profile Feature Story category for their memorial on former Laney journalism instructor, Scott Strain.

Barba said this was his first commendation by the JACC and was ecstatic to be sharing this recognition with his managing editor, Wrin Piper. 

“It’s an honor to be receiving this acknowledgement with Luke. Scott played an important role in our developments as student journalists and being awarded for our tribute to him is very special,” Barba said. 

Wrin Piper expressed his gratitude towards receiving this honor and shared similar sentiments like Barba about their late teacher. 

“Scott was really important to me, and through writing this piece I learned just how much he meant to the Laney community,” Wrin Piper said.

Barba added that he and Wrin Piper mutually agreed that the certificate they receive for this award be framed in The Citizen newsroom to honor Strain’s legacy. “With Luke and I being Scott’s final students, it’s only right that we cement this accolade at its rightful home at Laney College,” Barba said. “We can’t see it being anywhere else.” 

Associate Editor David Rowe took home multiple Meritorious awards in the Enterprise News Story/Series category. Outside of his win for his PeopleSoft upgrade story, he shared his second honor with Opinion Editor Pamela Rudd, on their coverage of the Peralta Security firms

Regarding his wins, Rowe just wanted to express his gratitude for Citizen Advisor Eleni Gastis for her “guidance and support.”

Rudd also received an honorable mention in the Profile Feature Category for her story on Peralta Board of Trustees Vice President, Nicky Gonzalez Yuen

“I was pleased and surprised and I feel so fortunate to be part of Peralta’s journalism team,” Rudd said. 

Former Managing Editor James Millett, placed fourth in the Video Journalism category for his multimedia special edition,  “Playing With Time” of the Citizen‘s Spring 2020 “Lock-Down Diaries” series.

Millett an avid supporter of multimedia content, was thrilled to be receiving this award in what was his first attempt in contributing to a multimedia platform.

“Before COVID when we were still able to work in person I was advocating and working with other students at incorporating more digital media for The Citizen,” Millett said. “Having that be my first effort that went forward to the point of recognition in this way is a total surprise and a good feeling.

“I hope it can be taken as a signal that there is interest in journalism like this and for students to pursue the new Ticktock/Instagram story style of reporting.”